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CPRC research in Bangladesh is carried out in partnership with the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) in Dhaka, on the Programme of Research on Chronic Poverty in Bangladesh (PRCPB).

The focus of development in Bangladesh has shifted to the poorest people and those in chronic poverty. This is partly a response to the evidence that interventions for the poorest have not pushed them out of extreme poverty. The CPRC partnership in Bangladesh has produced policy-relevant research on chronic poverty that has been shared with government, donors and civil society.


CRPC research in Bangladesh has focused on the impact of government and NGO policies and programmes for the poorest, and conducting poverty dynamics panel surveys to inform policymakers on the causes of, and solutions to, movements into and out of poverty.

In 2000, the conference on What Works for the Poorest? Knowledge, Policies and Practices, highlighted research on how to finance extreme poverty. A 2010 book on What works for the Poorest has arisen out of this body of work.

The CPRC is an institutional member of the PRSP monitoring committee in Bangladesh. Bangladesh research continues to focus on the MDG monitoring process and evaluating the impact of PRSPs. A State of the Poorest report will be produced to influence the National Poverty Reduction Strategy and large NGO's (especially BRAC). 

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Publication highlights

State of the poorest in Bangladesh: Tales of ascent, descent, marginality and persistence

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Programme of Research on Chronic Poverty in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
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