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The Chronic Poverty Reports are the flagship policy engagement publications of the Chronic Poverty Research Centre around the world.

International Chronic Poverty Reports

The Chronic Poverty Report 2004-05 is the first major international development report to focus on chronic poverty, followed by the second Chronic Poverty Report 2008-2009: Escaping Poverty Traps. Together they have generated a global picture of chronic poverty and how to address it better through policies.


Country Chronic Poverty Reports

National Chronic Poverty Reports are made available by CPRC Partners around the world. They look at the dimensions of chronic poverty, and possible policy responses, in their countries or regions. Reports have been produced for UgandaBangladesh, India.


Topical reports

Research and analysis from the CPRC policy analysis work is presented in the CPRC topical Chronic Poverty Reports. Outputs are available for Social transfers and chronic poverty: Objectives, design, reach and impact, and Stemming girls’ chronic poverty: Catalysing development change by building just social institutions.  




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