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CPRC International Conference 2010

Please download the final conference programme here (updated 07 September).

Conference Papers and Presentations

'Ten Years of War Against Poverty' conference papers and presentations from the plenary sessions (where available) can be downloaded below.

Papers and presentations from the parallel sessions can be viewed by session (see side menu).

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Welcome and Introduction
David Hulme (BWPI and CPRC)
Keith Brown (Dean of Humanities, University of Manchester)

Plenary 1: Why Poverty Persists
Margret Kakande (Ministry of Finance, Uganda)  
Discussant:  Nick Dyer (DFID) TBC

Parallel Session A

1.  Poverty, Politics and Polarisation
2.  Conflict, Post-Conflict and Poverty Reduction
3.  Tackling Urban Poverty
4.  Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction I
5.  Assessing Poverty Reduction Programmes
6.  Stopping Poverty in its Tracks: how to Limit the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty
7.  Global Governance and Global Poverty
8.  Human Development and 'Missing Dimensions' of Poverty Data I
9.  Ill-health and its impact on household livelihoods
10.Social Protection I

Parallel Session B

1.  Empirical Studies of Poverty Dynamics I
2.  Social Protection II
3.  Gender, Inequality and Poverty
4.  Zimbabwe: Pathways out of Chronic Poverty 
5.  Climate Change, Climate variability and poverty
6.  Chronic Poverty in West Africa
7.  Measuring Chronic Poverty
8.  The Politics of Aid and Development
9.  Microfinance and Poverty Reduction
10.The Policy Challenges of Integrating Poverty and Employment Programmes for Human Development

Plenary 2: Reducing Poverty: What have we learnt and what does it mean for the future?

Chair: Elizabeth McKeon (Ford Foundation) 

Book launch
Global Poverty
Just Give Money to the Poor
What Works for the Poorest
One Illness Away

Evidence to Policy Sessions

Panel: The MDGs and Beyond 2015: Pro-Poor Policy in a Changing World
(Main lecture theatre)
Chair: Alison Evans (ODI)

Thursday, 9 September 2010 

Plenary 3: Policies for the Poorest
Chair: Nick Dyer (DFID -TBC)

Parallel Session C

1.  Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development 
2.  Asset-building for the Poor and Poorest                      
3.  Comparative Experiences of Chronic Poverty and Access to ICT Technologies
4.  Social Protection in Asia: Operationalising Rights and Entitlements
5.  Child Poverty
6.  Human Development and 'Missing Dimensions' of Poverty Data II
7.  Pathways for the Poorest: Analytical Frameworks and Global Lessons 
8.  Macro-level Policies and Chronic Poverty
9.  Is the Current Aid Architecture Appropriate for Addressing Chronic Poverty?
10.The Economics of Malnutrition

Parallel Session D

1.  Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction II
2.  The MDGs: Targets, Promises and Hope
3.  Health and Nutrition
4.  Multidimensional Poverty Measurement (Systematic Presentation of Multidimensional Poverty Index)
5.  Conservation, Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction
6.  Measuring Poverty
7.  History as Destiny: The Long-run Effects of Positive Negative Shocks on Household and Individual Poverty Status
8.  Recent Discourse on Poverty and Chronic Poverty in India: Issues in the context of Measurement, Policies and Practice
9.  Conditional Cash Transfers and Labour Market in Latin America: Lessons from Recent Experiences
10.Vulnerable Workers in Global Production Networks: Adverse Incorporation, Social Exclusion and the Global Problem of Forced Labour

Plenary 4: CROP Roundtable: Poverty Eradication in the 21st Century: Alternative Research Agendas
: Asuncion St. Clair (Comparative Research Programme on Poverty – CROP)
Discussant: Stan and Mari Thekaekara (Just Change, Tamil Nadu)

Presentation and Discussion of the UNRISD Flagship Report on Combating Poverty and Inequality:  Structural Change, Social Policy, and Politics

Sarah Cook (Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development UNRISD)


  • Michael Woolcock (Senior Social Scientist, Development Research Group, World Bank)
  • Naila Kabeer (Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Evidence to Policy Sessions (informal discussions for policy makers)
Chair: Tony German (Development Initiatives)
Rapporteur: Judith Randel (Development Initiatives)

 Friday, 10 September 2010

Plenary 5: Pushing the Frontiers of Poverty Measurement
Chair: Abena Oduro (University of Ghana) 
Discussants:  Kunal Sen (IDPM, University of Manchester) and Sabina Alkire (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Reshaping the World: Prices, Poverty and Inequality  (paper)

Reshaping the World: Prices, Poverty and Inequality  (ppt)
Angus Deaton (Princeton University, US)  

Parallel Session E  

1.  Empirical Studies of Poverty Dynamics II                  
2.  Microinsurance and Poverty Reduction
3.  Ageing and Poverty
4.  Violent Conflict and Poverty: Micro-Level perspectives’
5.  The Stages-of-Progress Methodology: Origins, Extensions, and Future Uses
6.  Growth, Inequality and Structural Poverty in a Middle-income Country:  the Case of South Africa
7.  Communicating Chronic Poverty Findings      
8.  Social protection in Asia: Responding to Vulnerability
9.  Multidimensional poverty: alternative concepts and tailor-made approaches
10.Enhancing the qualitative dimension in mixed methods (Q2) research on chronic poverty:  lessons learnt to help establish a qualitative evidence foundation for national policy making  

Plenary 6: Global Social Protection, Social Security and Human Rights
Ray Boshara (New America Foundation)
Discussant: Sulaiman Madada (Minister of State for the Disabled and Elderly, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Uganda)

Plenary 7:  Fighting Poverty: The Ways Forward
David Hulme (BWPI and CPRC, University of Manchester) 

  • Richard Blewitt (HAI, UK)
  • Margret Kakande (Ministry of Finance, Uganda)
  • Santosh Mehrotra (Indian Planning Commission)
  • Paul Wafer  (DFID - TBC)