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Key messages on tackling chronic poverty


Economic growth that includes chronically poor people on good terms, and assists with mobility out of poverty.

  • CPRC findings reveal that economic growth has reduced severe and chronic poverty less than poverty as a whole, and the consumption or expenditure of the chronically poor has grown less than the average across the population. For growth to address chronic poverty, policy should focus on removing the barriers to upward mobility for the chronically poor as well as rapidly getting the headcount ratio down.
    Read Chapter 4 (Sec 2) on Economic growth

  • Inclusive growth policymakers need to focus interventions on the youth and young adults, as this is when chronically poor people can include themselves most beneficially in growth. Improving the links between education and the labour market, and the terms of employment for young adults, can further help interrupt inter-generational poverty.
    Read Chapter 4 (Sec 2.4) on Focus on young adults 

  • CPRC research on growth has focuses on landlocked countries; we find that in such areas, growth can happen but is sometimes held back by high transport costs, and exacerbated by a succession of administrative requirements, checks, and roadblocks, and sometimes domestic taxes.
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