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Key messages on tackling chronic poverty


  • The CPRC emphasises that human development for the hard to reach is fundamental in addressing chronic poverty. But escaping poverty involves more than basic education and health services. Quality and large-scale investment in post-primary education and health systems are now needed.

  • The chronically poor have lower levels of assets, and CPRC findings show that education is a basis for resilience as much as for escaping poverty. It is a versatile asset that cannot be taken away, and so is useful, even in conflict situations. Poor teenagers and young adults are especially able to make use of investment in education and skills.
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  • Policy should remain focused on primary education; but as much as improving the quality of education, measures to see that poor people progress far enough beyond primary education to enhance quality of life and access decent work are critical. The CPRC also emphasises creating stronger links between educational provision and the labour market.
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