CPRC International Conference 2010

Conference Papers and Presentations

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Parallel Session B: 2.30pm-04.00pm


Panel  B1: Empirical Studies of Poverty Dynamics I             

Room: Committee Room (Dalton Ellis Hall)            

Chair: Kunal Sen (IDPM, Manchester)


Escaping Poverty in Tanzania: what can we learn from cases of success?


Kate Higgins, CPRC/Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London, UK and Janita Magongo, DRT, Uganda

Weak State, Strong Society: looking beyond the poverty statistics in Afghanistan

Presentation (pdf)

Adam Pain and Paula Kantor, Swedish University Agriculture Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

The Irrelevance of National Strategies? Rural poverty creation and reduction in states and regions in India

Presentation (pdf)

Anirudh Krishna and Abdusaleh Shariff, Duke University, Durham, USA

Sectoral Macro-economic Policies and Poverty Reduction in Rural India

Presentation (pdf)

Sushanta K. Mallick,  School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London, UK


Panel  B2: Social Protection II                                                      

Room: Lecture Theatre (Hulme Hall)          

Chair: Johannes Jutting (OECD, Paris)


Cash Transfers and High Food Prices: Explaining outcomes on Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme

Presentation (pdf)

Rachel Sabates-Wheeler and Stephen Devereux, IDS, University of Sussex, UK

Poverty, Under-nutrition and Vulnerability in Rural India: the role of rural public works and food for work programmes  

Presentation (pdf)

Katsushi Imai, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, UK

Extending Social Security coverage in the context of High Economic Informality in Low-income countries. How possible, affordable and desirable is this?

Nuno Cunha, Philippe Marcadent and Ian Orton, International Social Security Association, Geneva, Switzerland

Poverty and Vulnerability in an Era of Global Instability: Southern Africa and the 3 ‘F’s crisis

Presentation (pdf)

Frank Ellis and Philip White, School of International Development, University of East Anglia, UK


Panel  B3: Gender, Inequality and Poverty                                   

Room: Old Dining Hall (Hulme Hall)           

Chair: Caroline Harper (ODI, London)


Gender-sensitive Social Protection: mechanisms for addressing poverty and vulnerability

Presentation (pdf)

 Rebecca Holmes and Nicola Jones, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London, UK

Gender, Poverty and Taxation: an overview of a multi-country study of gender and taxation

Presentation (pdf)

Imraan Valodia, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa

Modelling the Contributions of Reduced Gender Inequality to GDP growth prospects and poverty reduction

Rosetti Nabbumba and Margret Kakande, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda

Evolution of Gender and  Poverty Dynamics in Tanzania

Lucia da Corta and Joanita Magongo, GLOCAL, London, UK


Panel  B4: Zimbabwe: Pathways out of Chronic Poverty    

Room: Library (Dalton Ellis Hall)       

Chair: Admos Chimhowu (IDPM & BWPI, Manchester)


Pathways out of Poverty in conditions of Chronic Fragility

Presentation (pdf)

Kerina Zvobgo, Brighton Mvumi1, , Muchanyara Jarawaza1, Erica Keogh, GRM International, Zimbabwe and Indranil Chakrabarti, DFID, Zimbabwe

Poverty Dynamics in rural Zimbabwe, the 30 years (lost) War against Poverty

Bill H. Kinsey, Ruzivo Trust, Harare, Zimbabwe

Contrasting Pathways for Poverty and Inequality Reduction in Post-crisis Zimbabwe

Presentation (pdf)

Admos Chimhowu, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, UK


Panel  B5: Climate Change, Climate Variability and Poverty     

Room: Music Room (Hulme Hall)    

Chair: Simon Guy (SED, Manchester)


Differentiated Effects on Poverty of a Climatic Shock: evidence from a longitudinal survey in rural Sindh, Pakistan

Presentation (pdf)

Hari R. Lohano and James Copestake, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath, UK

Neglecting the Urban Poorest in Research, Policy and Action for Climate Change Adaptation: Evidence from Bangladesh

Manoj Roy and David Hulme, Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI), University of Manchester, UK

Conceptualising Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Poor Communities

Angelica Ospina and Richard Heeks, Centre for Development Informatics, IDPM, SED, University of Manchester, UK


Panel B6: Chronic Poverty in West Africa     

Room: Seminar Room (Hulme Hall)             

Chair: Bara Gueye (IED Afrique, Senegal)


Chronic Poverty and Vulnerability in Niger  

Poughdawende Médard Francis ZIDA, University of Ouagadougou

Chronic Poverty and Vulnerability in Burkina Faso

Seyni Hama, Reseau MARP, Niamey

Les résultats de la recherche Pauvreté chronique et vulnérabilités au Sénégal (chronic poverty and vulnerability in Senegal)

Presentation (pdf)

Abdou Salam Fall, Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Transformations Economiques et Sociales (LARTES – JEREMY), Senegal

La transmission intergénérationnelle de la pauvreté au Sénégal  (The intergenerational transmission of poverty in Senegal)

Rokhaya Cissé,  Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Transformations Economiques et Sociales (LARTES – JEREMY), Senegal


Panel  B7: Measuring Chronic Poverty                

Room: Junior Common Room (Hulme Hall)            

Chair: Bob Baulch (CPRC Vietnam)

Discussant: Ravi Kanbur


Intertemporal Poverty Measurement: Tradeoffs and Policy Options

Catherine Porter and Natalie Quinn, Oxford University, UK

Inter-temporal poverty measures: the impact of affluence

Indranil Dutta, Laurence Roppe and Horst Zank, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, UK

The Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty and Chronic Poverty Toolkit?

Presentation (pdf)

Maria Emma Santos, OPHI, University of Manchester and Suman Seth, Vanderbilt University  


Panel  B8: The Politics of Aid and Development                         

Room: Library (Hulme Hall)             

Chair: Joanna Macrae (DFID)

Discussant: Max Everest-Philips (DFID)


The New National Politics of Poverty Reduction in Africa: Insights from the new national development plan in Uganda

Presentation (pdf)

Sam Hickey, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, UK

Towards a Critical Geopolitics of China's engagement with African development.

Presentation (pdf)

Giles Mohan, The Open University, UK

The Chronic Poor and the Politics of Aid.

Presentation (pdf)

Arjan de Haan, ISS, the Netherlands


Panel  B9: Microfinance and Poverty Reduction    

Room: Lecture Room (Dalton Ellis Hall) 

Chair: Thankom Arun (University of Central Lancashire, UK)


Assessing the Potential Impacts of Microfinance with Agent Based Modelling

Salim Rashid, Youngeun Yoon and Shakil Bin Kashem, University of Illinois

The utility cost of group lending.

Presentation (pdf)

Miguel Nino-Zarazua, Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI), University of Manchester, UK

Does Micro-finance reach the Poorest of the Poor? Empirical evidence of programme outreach from rural Pakistan.

Presentation (pdf)

Asad Kamran Ghalib, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, UK


Panel  B10: The Policy Challenges of Integrating Poverty and Employment Programmes for Human Development

Room: Gallery (Dalton Ellis Hall)     

Chair: Diana Alarcón (UNDP, New York)


Is Uganda on track to halve poverty by 2015?

Presentation (pdf)

Sebastian Levine, UNDP, Kampala, Uganda

Impacts of the Economic Crisis on Human Development and the MDGs in Africa

Presentation (pdf)

Pedro Conceição, Shantanu Mukherjee and Shivani Nayyar

Employment and Efficiency Effects of Social Security (SS) and Social Protection (SP) Systems in the Context of an Informal Sector: A Conceptual Review

Albert Berry, University of Toronto, Canada

Employment Guarantee and Conditional Cash Transfers Programs for Poverty Reduction

Eduardo Zepeda and Diana Alarcón, UNDP, New York, USA