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Addressing chronic poverty is a challenging task that requires policies and action that are national- and context-specific. The CPRC’s policy analysis work has explored existing and additional anti-poverty policies and programmes that are focused on the needs of the poorest people.

By assessing the issues and structural causes of chronic poverty, the CPRC policy analysis has identified the critical policies that can transform chronically poor people’s lives. Recently, our policy analysis combined country- and theme-based work, and focused on four main areas:

If the chronically poor are to escape poverty and poverty is eradicated – looking beyond the 2015 MDG target, additional policies and political commitment compared to current practice are needed. To construct relevant policies and programmes, policy makers and researchers need to disaggregate poverty and well-being; understand on poverty dynamics and the duration of poverty, and produce a differentiated policy response.

The CPRC key messages report presents a synthesis of policy recommendations from ten years of research and policy engagement. Much of the CPRC’s policy analysis work is also presented in CPRC Chronic poverty reportsPolicy briefs andBackground papers.



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