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CPRC's work in Uganda has been led by Development Research and Training (DRT) and the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC). They have been influential in shaping government policy and active in engaging researchers, civil society and policy makers around poverty reduction.


CPRC work in Uganda has focused on enhancing the pro-poorest focus of government policy. Research has aimed to improve services for the very poor in conflict-affected areas; assure women’s land rights, accelerate the implementation of a national school feeding programme and widen access to post-primary education for the very poor.

The 2005 report Chronic Poverty in Uganda: The Policy Challenges, presents the research and policy anaysis in Uganda, and proved to be a successful policy tool in placing chronic poverty firmly on the agenda. A second 2011 report, Chronic Poverty in Uganda: Is Anyone Listening?, includes panel data research and deepens policy analysis in Uganda.

CPRC Uganda has led an East Africa-wide initiative on chronic poverty and social protection, to inform the social and economic policy framework of the East African Community (EAC). This work included the Social Protection for the Poorest in Africa - Learning from Experience conference on 8-10 September 2008. A feasibility study for a social transfer pilot programme designed for the Government of Uganda has been adopted and being rolled out.  

CPRC Uganda has developed good working relationships with key institutions, including the Ministry of East African Affairs in Uganda, which has facilitated discussions around creating a regional initiative on chronic poverty.

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