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Vulnerability and insecurity keep people poor and drive others into chronic poverty. Many chronically poor poeple confront vulneraibility that occurs through shocks, lack of buffers against shocks, and the ways in which households respond to insecurity. Reducing vulnerability should be central in policies to reduce chronic poverty - and can be done through social protection.


Research on vulnerability has focused on how and when vulnerability and insecurity push people into poverty, and how social protection - particularly social assistance - offers an important solution to vulnerability. 

CPRC work on reducing vulenrability also highlights the importance of building and improving returns on assets, transformative societal change, eliminating discrimination, and improving social and economic relationships.  The Chronic Poverty Report 2008-09 ‘Escaping Poverty Traps details much of CPRC work on vulnerability and social protection; and the Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database summarises the effectiveness of social assistance interventions in developing countries and focuses on the reduction and mitigation of poverty.

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Vulnerability and chronic poverty

Social protection to address vulnerability

Household dynamics and informal work

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The Chronic poverty report 2008-09: Escaping poverty traps

Chronic poverty report 


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