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CPRC’s partners in West Africa are in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Senegal. The regional network is coordinated by Bara Gueye of IED Afrique in Senegal, and includes:


CPRC in West Africa addresses the lack of attention to poverty dynamics in statistics and policy to date. Partners have undertaken research on the extent, characteristics and causes of chronic poverty in the region with the aim of building up a detailed and disaggregated picture of ‘the poor.’

Policy analysis and reasearch have focused on the impact of poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSP) on the chronically poor, the impact of global economic processes on poor farmers, governance, and economic growth. Social protection, agricultural growth and migration have been a priority in all countries. 

Research outputs have fed into poverty reduction strategy (PRS) reviews (2008-11), PRS monitoring and evaluation and the launching of regional economic agreements and policies, including the West Africa PRS.

Each of the four countries have undertaken a Q² project to investigate key topics for their country. Recent reports have also been produced by each country.  

Key resources

Chronic poverty in West Africa overview

Country specific

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Publication highlights

Pauvreté chronique et transitoire au Burkina Faso (Chronic and transitory poverty in Burkina Faso)



Les Dynamiques de la Pauvreté au Sénégal (The Dynamics of Poverty in Senegal)



Ghana country report


Niger country report




West Africa network

Mamadou Bara Gueye

IED Afrique

Innovation, environnement, développement
24, Sacré Cœur III
BP 5579 Dakar Fann - SENEGAL
Telephone : (221) 867 10 58

Fax : (221) 867 10 59


Abdou Salam FALL

Laboratoire Paupérisation et Transformations
IFAN, Université Cheikh Anta Diop
BP 206
Dakar Fann (Sénégal)
Tél. : +221 33 825 92 32, +221 33 825 96 14
Fax : +221 33 825 92 13

Burkina Faso

Seyni HAMA

Réseau MARP
BP 12003
Niamey (Niger)
Tél. : + 227 20 73 44 73 ou +227 96 99 51 81


Ms. Abena D. Oduro

Department of Economics
P.O. Box 57
University of Ghana
Tél. +233 21 50 14 85
Fax +233 21 50 14 86