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Publications for Author: Samuel Hickey

CPRC Working Paper 151. Samuel Hickey. 2010
Conference Paper, Ten Years of War Against Poverty Conference Papers. Samuel Hickey. 2010
CPRC Working Paper 150. Samuel Hickey, Frederick Golooba-Mutebi. 2009
Research Summary 7. Samuel Hickey. 2008
CPRC Working Paper 81. Samuel Hickey, Andries du Toit. 2007
CPRC Working Paper 86, Annotated Bibliography 5. Briony Smith, Samuel Hickey. 2007
Background Paper to the Chronic Poverty Report 2008-09. Isaac Shinyekwa, Samuel Hickey. 2007
CPRC Policy Brief 5. Samuel Hickey, Tim Braunholtz-Speight. 2007
Journal Article. Samuel Hickey, Sarah Bracking. 2005
Conference Paper. Samuel Hickey. 2003
CPRC Working Paper 37. Samuel Hickey. 2003

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