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Publications for Author: David Hulme

CPRC Policy Brief 28. Andrew Shepherd, David Hulme. 2011
Book. David Lawson, David Hulme, Imran Matin, Karen Moore. 2010
Book. Joseph Hanlon, Armando Barrientos, David Hulme. 2010
Conference Paper, Ten Years of War Against Poverty Conference Papers. Manoj Roy, David Hulme. 2010
Book. Tony Addison, David Hulme, Ravi Kanbur. 2008
CPRC Working Paper 128. Ursula Grant, David Hulme. 2008
CPRC Working Paper 124. Karen Moore, Ursula Grant, David Hulme, Andrew Shepherd. 2008
CPRC Bangladesh Working Paper 10. Alessandro Conticini, David Hulme. 2006
Journal Article. Armando Barrientos, David Hulme, Andrew Shepherd. 2005
CPRC India Working Paper 30. David Hulme, Andrew McKay. 2005
Journal Article. David Hulme. 2004
CPRC Working Paper 31. Jeffrey Henderson, David Hulme, Hossein Jalilian, Richard Phillips. 2003
Journal Article. David Hulme, Andrew Shepherd. 2003
CPRC Bangladesh Working Paper 4. David Hulme. 2003
CPRC Working Paper 13. Kate Bird, David Hulme, Andrew Shepherd, Karen Moore. 2002
CPRC Working Paper 2, CPRC India Working Paper 1. David Hulme, Karen Moore, Andrew Shepherd. 2001

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