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Annex: Illustrative Case Studies of the Fracture Points in Social Policy Formation for Poverty Reduction

Kate Bird
Tammie O'Neil
Vincent J. Bolt


This paper presents case studies that examine the barriers to effective policy responses to the problems of marginalised and vulnerable groups. The multiple deprivations experienced by some of these groups increases their likelihood of being not only poor, but chronically poor. Although theoretical understanding of the drivers, maintainers and interrupters of marginality, vulnerability and chronic poverty is now considerable and many donors and country governments have a coherent and multisectoral approach to poverty reduction, there are some problems that are still only weakly addressed. The case studies in this paper help us to understand why this might be the case, and illustrate the political economy and administrative barriers to policy innovation and implementation in Uganda and India. The analytical working paper which was produced following the development of these case studies can be found on the websites of both the Overseas Development Institute and the Chronic Poverty Research Centre (Bird, K. and Pratt, N. with O’Neil, T. and Bolt, V. J. (2004) Fracture Points in Social Policies for Chronic Poverty Reduction. ODI Working Paper 242, CPRC Working Paper 47. London: ODI and CPRC, October.

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CPRC Working Paper


policy politics land reform disability gender health lifecycle old age

ISBN: 1-904049-46-X


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