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Annotated Bibliography on ‘Exploring a ‘social contract’ approach to the politics of poverty reduction’

Jessica Hawkins


A significant aspect to emerge from the Chronic Poverty Research Centre’s (CPRC) work on ‘Adverse Incorporation and Social Exclusion’ has been the use of the term social contract as an approach for the provision of pro-poor politics. Commissioned by the CPRC, this annotated bibliography explores first the literature based on traditional accounts of the social contract, and second those works from a development studies perspective which employ the concept of a social contract. The annotated bibliography focuses in particular on the following areas:

  • general research on social contract theory;
  • approaches and critiques of social contract theory;
  • social contract theory from a strategy and policy perspective, including citizenship, conflict, economic growth, welfare provision and taxation.

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CPRC Working Paper

Annotated Bibliography


adverse incorporation social exclusion social contract

ISBN: 978-1-908536-14-3


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