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Annotated bibliography on social exclusion, adverse incorporation and chronic poverty

CPRC Working Paper 86 and Annotated Bibliography 5

Briony Smith
Samuel Hickey


The persistence of poverty is strongly connected to processes of adverse incorporation and social exclusion (AI-SE). Commissioned by CPRC, this annotated bibliography explores both the latest thinking on social exclusion within development studies and the more historical debates within the social sciences concerning the ways in which processes of 'adverse incorporation', closure' and 'marginalisation' work to impoverish regions, sectors and people.

The annotated bibliography focuses in particular on:
• AI-SE on-line resources
• Understanding AI-SE: definitions and concepts in relation to chronic poverty
• methods for defining, measuring and exploring AI-SE
• AI-SE and the State
• AI-SE, economic growth and markets
• AI-SE, community, civil society and citizenship
• AI-SE, kinship and family
• AI-SE and space: geographies of marginality
• Tackling AI-SE

This bibliography will provide the basis for a working paper of the same title and also for primary research to be carried out under the AI-SE theme.


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CPRC Working Paper

Annotated Bibliography


adverse incorporation social exclusion annotated bibliography

ISBN: 1-904049-85-0


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