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Chronic Poverty in India

Aasha Kapur Mehta
Sourabh Ghosh
Deepa Chatterjee
Nikhila Menon


The papers included in this book are based on ongoing research that is at different stages of completion. This work was presented at a workshop entitled "Research Design Workshop for Exploring Appropriate Solutions to Chronic Poverty" that was held at IIPA on 15th and 16th May, 2002. The workshop was organised by IIPA in partnership with Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC).

For further information please contact Professor Aasha Kapur Mehta.

Table of contents:

Chronic Poverty: Meanings and Analytical Frameworks
David Hulme, Karen Moore and Andrew Shepherd

Chronic Poverty in India: An Overview
Aasha Kapur Mehta and Amita Shah

Political Sociology of Poverty in India: Between Politics of Poverty and Poverty of Politics
Anand Kumar

From Income to Urban Contest in Global Settings: Chronic Poverty in Bangalore
Solomon Benjamin

Chronic Poverty in a Remote Rural District in South West Madhya Pradesh: A Multidimensional Analysis of Its Extent and Causes
Amita Shah and D. C. Sah

Issues in Chronic Poverty: Panel Data based Analysis
Aasha Kapur Mehta and Shashanka Bhide

Chronic Poverty and Understanding Intra-Household Differentiation
Kate Bird

Understanding Childhood Poverty in Rajasthan: Emerging Issues and Strategies
Kanchan Mathur, Shobhita Rajagopal and Pradeep Bhargava

Multidimensional Poverty in India: District Level Estimates
Aasha Kapur Mehta

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poverty dynamics assets policy politics India adverse incorporation social exclusion gender insecurity


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