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Chronic poverty in India: Evidence and policy imperatives

Amita Shah
Aasha Kapur Mehta
Shashanka Bhide



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Table of contents:

Editor's introduction: Chronic poverty in India: Evidence and policy imperatives
Amita Shah, Aasha Kapur Mehta and Shashanka Bhide

Policies against chronic poverty: Policy implications of a dynamic approach to understanding poverty
Andrew Shepherd, Tim Braunholtz and Lucy Scott

Tracking poverty through panel data: Rural poverty in India, 1970-98
Shashanka Bhide and Aasha Kapur Mehta

Chronic poverty and socially disadvantaged groups: Causes and remedies
Sukhdeo Thorat and Motilal Mahamallik

Ensuring livelihood entitlements in forest-based economies in Orissa: An alternative perspective
Amita Shah, Saroj Kumar and Bipin Das

Tribal population and chronic poverty in Orissa: A note on the North-South divide
Sakti Padhi, Nilakantha Panigrahi and Aswini Kumar Mishra

Chronic poverty and social conflict in Bihar
N. R. Mohanty

Situating conflict and poverty in Manipur
Anand Kumar, Aphun Kamei, Homen Thangjam and Kh. Bijoykumar Singh

HIV/AIDS, care needs, and the poor: Policy issues
Aasha Kapur Mehta and Sreoshi Gupta

Drawing policy implications from chronic poverty research in India
N. C. B. Nath



Special issue of margin 2006 (38/4 & 39/1, July-Sept & Oct-Dec 2006)

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Journal Article


policy discrimination rural India rights livelihoods


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