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Chronic poverty

David Hulme


Special issue of the Journal of Human Development (5/2, July 2004)


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Thinking 'Small' and the Understanding of Poverty: Maymana and Mofizul's story David Hulme

The Face of Chronic Poverty in Uganda from the Poor's Perspective: constraints and opportunities
Charles Lwanga-Ntale; Kimberley McClean

Chronic Poverty in Rural India: issues and findings from panel data
Shashanka Bhide; Aasha Kapur Mehta

Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor in 20 Kenyan Villages
Anirudh Krishna; Patti Kristjanson; Maren Radeny; Wilson Nindo

Destitution in Wollo (Ethiopia): chronic poverty as a crisis of household and community livelihoods
Kay Sharp; Stephen Devereux

Poverty among Tribals in South West Madhya Pradesh: has anything changed over time?
Amita Shah; D. C. Sah

Combining Longitudinal Household and Community Surveys for Evaluation of Social Transfers: infrastructure rehabilitation projects in rural Georgia
Michael Lokshin; Ruslan Yemtsov

Are Chronically Poor People being Left Out of Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals? A quantitative analysis of older people, disabled people and orphans
Edoardo Masset; Howard White

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