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Employment survey module and the Safety and Security survey module

José Manuel Roche


This paper briefly presents the conceptual basis and overview of the employment survey module and of the Safe and Security survey module proposed by OPHI. The first module suggests a set of indicators of employment, the first six relating to quality of employment and the last to quantity of employment. These indicators are not all new; however it is proposed that when absent, they should be included alongside the employment data already being collected in individual/household surveys to provide a richer understanding of employment quality. The indicators of employment proposed are: income from employment (including selfemployment earnings); occupational hazard; under/over employment; multiple activities; and discouraged unemployment. The second module covers three important areas: 1) Incidence and frequency of both general violent crime and conflict-related violence against property (including incidents of theft); 2) Incidence and frequency of both general violent crime and conflict-related violence against person; 3) Perceptions of threat(s) to security and safety, both now and in the future. For the first two areas, questions seek to measure injury and death rates; the victims and perpetrators of violence; the location where incidents take place; and avenues for recourse from incidents of violence and satisfaction with these. Note that we seek to ascertain whether acts of violence are linked (i.e., whether acts of violence described separately in the survey occurred as part of the same incident) and whether they happened to the respondent, another household member or all household members.

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