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Exploring the politics of poverty reduction: how are the poorest represented?

Samuel Hickey
Sarah Bracking


Special issue of World Development (33/6, June 2005)

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Exploring the Politics of Chronic Poverty: From Representation to a Politics of Justice?
Sam Hickey and Sarah Bracking

From correlates and characteristics to causes: thinking about poverty from a chronic poverty perspective
Maia Green and David Hulme

Destitution and the Poverty of its Politics—With Special Reference to South Asia
Barbara Harriss-White

The inequality of social capital and the reproduction of chronic poverty
Frances Cleaver

When and how far is group formation a route out of chronic poverty?
Rosemary Thorp, Frances Stewart and Amrik Heyer

Civil society and propoor initiatives in rural Bangladesh: finding a workable strategy
Harry Blair

Donor–NGO relations and representations of livelihood in nongovernmental aid chains
Anthony Bebbington

Beyond comparative anecdotalism: lessons on civil society and participation from São Paulo, Brazil
Adrián Gurza Lavalle, Arnab Acharya and Peter P. Houtzager

Productivity and Virtue: Elite Categories of the Poor in Bangladesh
Naomi Hossain

Poverty reduction as a local institutional process
Johan Bastiaensen, Tom De Herdt and Ben D’Exelle

The politics of staying poor: exploring the political space for poverty reduction in Uganda
Sam Hickey

Guided Miscreants: Liberalism, Myopias, and the Politics of Representation
Sarah Bracking

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Journal Article


politics civil society social movements


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