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Hunger, Under-nutrition and Food Security in India

Naresh Saxena


Despite rapid economic growth in the past two decades, India is unlikely to meet the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of cutting the proportion of hungry people by half. Per capita availability, as well as consumption of food grains, in India has declined since 1996; the percentage of underweight children has remained stagnant between 1998 and 2006; and the calorie consumption of the bottom half of the population has been consistently declining since 1987. In short, all indicators point to the hard fact that endemic hunger continues to afflict a large proportion of the Indian population.

This paper examines the hunger and nutrition situation prevailing in India and suggests policy measures for ensuring adequate food security at the household level, particularly for marginalised groups, destitute people, women and children.

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CPRC India Working Paper


India nutrition hunger


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