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Policy Implications based on the Work done by the CPRC India

N.C.B. Nath

social protection


The twenty five papers in the CPRC-IIPA working paper series are a substantial contribution to the understanding of chronic poverty issues in India, a residual poverty condition which seems to need unique policy measures in addition to the generic poverty alleviation programmes. What is presented here is a framework for policymaking based on the rich knowledge base available and specific recommendations made by the paper writers. Policy studies and analysis are growing areas of Public Administration. Research and knowledge building are the first stage in a policy formulation exercise. This initial input gets updated through impact studies. There is a major difference between the attitudes of the researcher and the policy maker. While the former tries to reflect the field conditions as objectively as possible, the policy maker is a pragmatic user of this knowledge. Being conscious of the many levels and filters that a policy formulation exercise goes through, he seeks unambiguity and simplicity rather than nuances. The policy-programme implementers in the field are not trained researchers and would be more comfortable with implementable formulations. There is a necessary compromise. If one is in-depth understanding, the other is administrative realism. We will keep this in mind while taking stock of the research knowledge that we have gathered.

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CPRC India Working Paper


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