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Policy Influencing and Media Engagement Resource Toolkit

Kate Bird
Ursula Grant


Materials from the ODI/CPRC Workshop, 17th and 18th January 2005 Edited by Kate Bird and Ursula Grant Researchers and civil society organisations face challenges when attempting to use research-based evidence to influence pro-poor policy change. Researchers and civil society organisations came together at ODI in early 2005 to draw on their experiences to identify some of the necessary steps in dealing with these challenges effectively. The resource pack produced following this workshop is aimed primarily to support researchers in the Chronic Poverty Research Centre influence policy but is likely to be useful to other researchers and research users. The resource pack is introduced by an overview paper. The pack then proceeds to highlight the role of policy entrepreneurs in getting issues onto policy agendas. It presents material which highlights the importance of understanding the political and policy context when designing research and constructing research dissemination strategies. Case studies from the Chronic Poverty Research Centre are presented that address the opportunities and challenges in international and national level advocacy. Papers produced by Panos examine the issues faced by researchers when they attempt to use the media to disseminate research results and build domestic and international constituencies for pro-poor action, and provide participants with systematic advice on interacting with the media.

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policy Bangladesh politics Uganda India South Africa


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