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Poverty and growth in remote villages in Tanzania (2004-2008)

Insights from Village Voices film research

Lucia da Corta
Laurance Price


This working paper accompanies ‘Village Voices’, a film which covers the lives of people in five remote regions of Tanzania over five years (2004-08). The paper examines specifically why high economic growth during the period of Tanzania's poverty reduction strategy (MKUKUTA 2005-2010) has not translated into the expected reduction in poverty, as there has been a rise in one million people living in poverty over the period 2001 to 2007. The official response has been a call for broad-based growth by stepping up efforts to green revolutionise agriculture through an Agriculture First (Kilimo Kwanza) strategy.

Publication Type(s)

CPRC Working Paper


agriculture growth rural Tanzania

ISBN: 978-1-906433-55-0


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