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Situating Conflict and Poverty in Manipur

Anand Kumar
Kamei Aphun
Khuraijam Bijoykumar Singh
Homen Thangjam


This paper is aimed at understanding the relationship between social conflict and poverty in the context of Manipur where there has been a series of conflicts causing disruption of normal life of the people. The causes of conflict range from inter-ethnic clashes to human rights violations, political instability, and militarization. These conflicts have caused massive destruction, loss of life and property, and large scale
internal displacement. The response of the state has mostly followed the path of combining economic packages with more militarization. There has been less significance of the issues of livelihood, displacement and poverty. This study highlights the need to recognize togetherness of the imperatives of economic well being, socio-cultural identity and political
participation in addressing the issues involved in the ethnic conflicts and consequential disruptions, displacement and poverty.

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CPRC India Working Paper


India conflict

ISBN: 81-86641-49-1


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