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Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database (Version 4.0)

Armando Barrientos
Rebecca Holmes

social protection


The database aims to: provide a summary of the evidence available on the effectiveness of social assistance interventions in developing countries; focus on programmes seeking to combine the reduction and mitigation of poverty, with strengthening and facilitating household investments capable of preventing poverty and securing development in the longer term; select programmes for inclusion in the database on the basis of the availability of information on design features, evaluation, size, scope, or significance; provide summary information on each programme in a way that can be easily referenced by DFID staff and others with only a basic level of technical expertise. Version 4 updates information on the following programmes which were in the process of being implemented during 2006: - Conditional cash transfers pilots in Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi - Integrated poverty reduction programmes in Panama, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic - Conditional cash transfer programmes in Paraguay and Palestine.

The database is available to download directly, or compressed as a zip file.

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SocialAssistanceDatabase Version3 July Zip Archive 388.9 KB
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