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Social protection and cash transfers in Uganda: frequently asked questions on cash transfers in Uganda

Jane Namuddu

social protection


Uganda's Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development (MGLSD), with funding support from DFID, is in the process of piloting a Cash transfer scheme, targeting chronically poor households. Although social transfers have in the past been tried, with mixed levels of success, most of these focused attention on groups or communities. The MGLSD proposal, however, is to focus attention on households. Because this approach is still new to most Ugandans, many questions continue to be asked about the scheme: how it will work, who will benefit from it, where the money is going to come from, etc. In the following brief we attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cash transfers in the hope that this will throw more light about this innovative approach to helping the poorest of the poor in our communities.

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CPRC Uganda Policy Brief


policy politics social protection Uganda


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