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The 11th five-year plan: learning and policy implications

Kathryn Bach


Key messages:

  • India’s 11th five-year plan commits the Government to pursuing faster and more inclusive economic growth. While the country appears to be succeeding with respect to the former, its performance on inclusivity has been weaker.
  • Factors inhibiting the achievement of inclusive growth include low productivity in the agriculture sector, a disappointing record on employment creation and conditions, and an insufficiently transparent and inclusive system of governance.
  • Addressing these factors will require implementing technical solutions to promote agricultural productivity and employment creation, and responding effectively to public discontent with the style and form of governance.
  • Shifting to a rights-based approach to poverty reduction could go a long way toward promoting inclusive growth. However, this will depend in large part on the extent to which members of the targeted population are aware of and understand their rights.

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CPRC Policy Brief


agriculture policy growth India


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