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Trends in Poverty and Social Indicators: An Update

Zulfiqar Ali
Sharifa Begum


This paper provides an update of the changes that Bangladesh has undergone in terms of its poverty and social indicators over the last one and a half decades. Several key social and human development indicators have been considered which provides an analysis of the trends at both the national as well as the district levels. The paper observes that Bangladesh has achieved notable progress in terms of poverty and social indicators over the past one and half decades. There are, however, significant variations between regions (districts) with respect to these achievements. The paper also pointed out that the country's health and nutrition programs, particularly those targeted towards mothers and children underwent some problems after 2000. As a result, the improvements in child and maternal health have slowed down. Therefore unless attention is paid to these matters, Bangladesh's progress on the MDG goals may seriously be hindered in these respects.

Publication Type(s)

CPRC Bangladesh Working Paper


Bangladesh data gender health spatial analysis social policy


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