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Unfavourable Environment and Chronic Poverty

Quazi Shahabuddin


Poverty has different and varying manifestations. In fact, Hulme et al (2001) proposes a five-tiered categorisation of poverty. This identifies the always poor, usually poor, churning poor, occasionally poor and never poor. The first two categories are chronically poor, the next two transitory poor and the last one is non-poor. Charting the factors that are associated with transition in the poverty status of a household should help us to understand the processes that create or erode chronic poverty and relate these to policy and action. In general, research should focus primarily on those who experience or are likely to experience poverty for extended periods of time, and the processes that keep them poor. This is not to deny, however, that while "long duration" is the key criterion, chronic poverty can often be multi-dimensional and severe. While poverty trends are of interest, the prime focus of research should be on the poverty dynamics of individuals, households and social groups.

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CPRC Bangladesh Working Paper


Bangladesh remote rural areas environment


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