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What works for the Poorest

Poverty Reduction Porgrammes for the world's extreme poor

David Lawson (Editor)
David Hulme (Editor)
Imran Matin (Editor)
Karen Moore (Editor)


This book has arisen out of collaboration between the Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC), the Research and Evaluation Department of BRAC in Bangladesh (BRAC-RED), and the Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI) at the Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM), University of Manchester.

In Bangladesh, colleagues from these, and other, institutions found themselves researching, designing and monitoring programmes for the ‘extreme poor’, ‘ultra-poor’ and ‘poorest’. Often these were the people who could not be reached by Bangladesh’s many excellent microfinance institutions. The researchers and programme managers tried to find out what practical actions could be taken to support and assist the poorest people.

Out of this common interest grew the notion of mounting an international conference for the exchange of ideas and practical approaches to improving the well-being of the extreme poor. That conference was mounted at the BRAC Centre in Dhaka 2006. More than 200 delegates from over 20 countries participated in the conference. This volume is drawn from the papers at that conference and seeks to provide a coverage that attempts a ‘balance’ of themes, approaches, issues and geography.

What Works for the Poorest is not available to download online, but is available to buy from Practical Action Publishing.

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