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Women, marriage and asset inheritance in Uganda

This publication is part of a series on 'Asset inheritance and the intergenerational transmission of poverty'

Cheryl Doss
Mai Truong
Gorrettie Nabanoga
Justine Namaalwa


Using a unique dataset from Uganda, which collected individual-level asset ownership data and women’s life histories regarding assets, this paper examines the relationships between inheritance, marriage and asset ownership. Land is the most important asset in rural Uganda. The majority of couples (both married and those in consensual unions) report owning land jointly. Men who report owning a parcel of land are much more likely than women to say they inherited the land. Inheritance is not an important means of acquisition of other assets, including livestock, business assets, financial assets and consumer durables. These items are acquired through purchase, for both men and women.

This paper is one of a series on Asset inheritance and the intergenerational transmission of poverty commissioned and published by the CPRC. It was first presented at a Roundtable on Inheritance and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty hosted jointly by the CPRC and the Overseas Development Institute on 11 October 2010.

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CPRC Working Paper


assets Uganda gender life history inheritance Asset inheritance and IGT of poverty series

ISBN: 978-1-906433-90-1


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