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CPRC Research themes

CPRC research has contributed to a considerable body of work that now exists – and is used - which deepens understanding of chronic poverty. Research has focused on the following themes:

  • Concepts - explains what is chronic poverty, and contributes to developing frameworks that support the selection of more effective poverty reduction policies.

  • Poverty dynamicslooks at movements into and out of poverty experienced by individuals and households over time. This work involves both the analysis of panel data and the use of life histories. 

  • Intergenerational transmission of poverty (IGT) - analyses the factors and processes that determine how poverty is passed from one generation to another, and how assets and inheritance influence resilience and the creation and interruption of intergenerational poverty. 

  • Insecurity, risk and vulnerability - looks at how insecurity, risk and vulnerability lead to poverty traps. This also helps to identify how social protection can effectively tackle chronic poverty.

  • Assets and inequality - provides evidence of the importance of asset accumulation in enabling escapes from poverty.